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2 each. White LEDs, 1 each. NVIS Green A LED

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2ea. White LEDs, 1ea. NVIS Green A LED.

NVIS Green A LED used when using NVGs.

White LEDs used by Medics to tend patients while transporting.

Authorized for use by the U.S. Military.

Switch from White to NVIS Green A by a switch on the battery pack. NVIS Green A LED is compatible with all night vision goggles and devices, and preserves dark adaptation. A generation III product. White LEDs are not compatible with night vision goggles. White LEDs used by Medics while tending patients. Loadmasters wanting more white light in cargo area etc. Has a Push ON – Push OFF switch that can be actuated by the lip or tongue. A slight push on the switch causes momentary light, while a further push keeps the light on until another push turns the light off. Uses 2ea. AA Batteries for normal light output, or 3ea. AA batteries when desiring the brightest light available. (Batteries not included). As with all Mike Lites this Light can be combined with the ML-Dim to adjust brightness.

THIS IS A 3.0 or 4.5 VOLT LIGHT. USE 2ea. AA BATTERIES for 3 volts, or 3ea. AA BATTERIES for 4.5 volts. DO NOT USE A 9.0 VOLT BATTERY.

Includes: 1ea. ML-14, 1ea. header card with mounting instructions, 1ea. 1″x1.75″ adhesive backed loop velcro, 1ea. BGAA/1 Battery Holder Bag , 1ea. ML-2-7 (2 AA battery holder, Plastic), 1ea. BGAA/4 Battery Holder Bag. 1 ea. 3 AA battery holder, Plastic. 2ea. wire ties, 1ea. 5/8″x1/8″ adhesive backed hook & loop velcro, 1ea. thumb screw, 2ea. insulating shields.

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