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Red Baron ALSE looks after pilots and aircrew so we definitely will have something to suit you. Our aviation helmet accessories are top quality. From size Small through to X-Large we have a wide range of products to suit your needs and your budget. Our products will give you long lasting comfort and can help reduce fatigue.

High quality helmet accessories available online

We stock a large number of high quality aviation helmet accessories at Red Baron ALSE. Military skull caps, helmet bags, helmet comfort liners, ear seals and hush kits to name a few. Our comfort liner upgrades make for a comfortable flight when you are wearing your helmet for hours on end and reduce hot spots. Our accessories can easily be fitted to your helmet by following the fitment instructions or alternatively, we can fit them for you during a scheduled helmet service

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  • Aviation Skull Cap

    Ultimate Comfort, Moisture Absorption, Ergonomic Design

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  • BluLink CellPhone and Music Adapter

    Made for your Iphone, Ipod or Ipad. Just plug and away you go

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  • BluLink GA Cord Assembly

    Replacement GA Cord Assembly for BluLink Adapter

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  • BluLink Helicopter Cord Assembly

    Replacement Helicopter Cord Assembly for BluLink Adapter

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  • CEP Ear Canal Tips

    Maximum noise reduction with long lasting comfort in the ears

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  • CEP Kit Complete

    Communications Ear Plug. Flight Helmet Noise Reduction System

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  • CEP Mini Wire

    CEP Mini is smaller in diameter and length then the standard CEP

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  • CEP Interface Harness

    The CEP interface is for mounting the CEP through the helmet shell

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  • Fingerlight, NVIS Green

    Compatible with all night vision goggles

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  • Helmet Bag

    Fly Boys Helmet Bag

    An updated version of what was already the best Helmet Bag.

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  • Helmet Bag- Mil Spec

    Light Weight. Holds all types of Helmets and flight gear

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  • Mike Lite ML-14

    2 each. White LEDs, 1 each. NVIS Green A LED

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