Survival Equipment

Quality survival equipment for day and night time use
As you know, emergencies don’t call ahead. With this in mind, Red Baron ALSE can assist you in being prepared to meet emergencies head on. Our range of survival equipment includes signal mirrors, Cyalume sticks, woollen fire blanket, Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs), a range of flares and Sea Marker Dye.

Compact safety equipment to keep your safe

You may be a solo hunter, farmer or fisherman in need of a PLB. You could be travelling outback or around our coastline and require signal mirrors and sea marker dye. Maybe you are part of one of the the great companies that monitor our country and ensure our safety.

With this in mind the team at Red Baron ALSE want to ensure you’re kitted out with the survival equipment that you need regardless of what your activities are.

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