Aviation NVG Accessories

A quality range of aviation NVG accessories
Red Baron ALSE has a broad range of quality aviation NVG accessories. We stock Finger Lights and Mike Lites to meet your night flying requirements. Our products are of high quality and are compatible with all night vision goggles.

Aviation NVG equipped with superior technologies sold online in Australia

The team at Red Baron ALSE strive in equipping pilots and crew with superior technologies to ensure great quality night vision accessories. Our Finger Lights, NVIS Green- offer the absolute best colour of green light to use with NVGs and can be worn on any finger of either hand.

The Mike Lite ML-14 2ea. White LEDs, 1ea. NVIS Green LED and White LEDs are used by Medics to tend to patients while transporting.
The best-selling and most multi-purpose Mike Lite is our ML-23. With 2ea. Bright NVIS Green LEDs, and 1ea NVIS White LED to provide task lighting in the cockpit when you need it most. Whereas, the Mike Lite ML-8 3ea. NVIS Green LEDs is the standard issue military lite.

Our ML-11 Mike Lite designed for Alpha, Gentex and MSA Gallet Pilots Flight Helmets and with Wire or Flex Mike Booms offer an IR to NVIS Green. IR Enhances ambient light to allow NVGs to see in completely dark or shadowed areas.

In addition to our range of lights we can also supply you with replacement Battery Holders and Battery Holder Bags. Our Weight Bag made from black, Cordura Nylon is designed perfectly for holding lead shot used to counterweight NVGS.

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