Mike Lite Mount Kit


Mounts Mike Lites to a variety of aviator microphones

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MK-1 Mount Kit for Mike Lites

Authorized for use by the U.S. Military.

Mounts Mike Lites to a variety of aviator microphones. Comes with an assortment of clips to attach the Mike Lite to all but the thinnest of mike booms. Of course like all of our products it is guaranteed to work. NOTE: This item not required for military helmets using the standard M-87 or the M-162 Tempest microphones such as the SPH-4 and HGU-56 helmets. All Mike Lites already include necessary hardware to attach to these standard helmets. However, if your unit has replaced the standard microphone with something else, then this MK-1 kit is probably needed. If in doubt, give us a call.


1ea. instructions

4ea. 4″ Tie, Nylon, Black

2ea. #4 Screw Hole, 4 1/4″ Tie, Black

“C” / “P” Clips 1ea. 0.394″,  0.315″, 0.252″, 0.197″, 0.134″. 2ea. 0.080″.

Machine Screws, 1ea. 2/56×3/8″, 2/56×7/8″, 2/56×1″.

Washers, 1ea. #2 Flat, #2 Lock washer.

Nut, 1ea. 2/56.

Spacer, 1ea. 1/2×0.250-#2 hole. 7/16×0.1875-#2 hole.

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