Life Rafts

The best life rafts sold in Australia
Life threatening situations demand a Life Raft, which is not only reliable but can also be boarded in seconds. Red Baron ALSE only sells the highest quality rafts with an Industry leading 5 year service interval. Our range of Life Rafts will ensure your safety as you wait for help to come.

Professional Life Rafts for the serious aviator

The Inflatable Single Person Life Raft (ISPLR) brings advance military design and mission-proven durability to mariners and pilots who are serious about their personal lifesaving equipment and need to fly over water. Click on the link to watch the ISPLR in action.

The Convertible Canopy System allows the Offshore Passenger Raft (OPR) to be inflated with the canopy still furled which allows for easier boarding from either the water or your vessel. The follow link shows how quickly the OPR can be inflated.

The Coastal Passage Raft (CPR) comes equipped with four wide, stiff rung, boarding ladders for ease of boarding from any side; even when wearing a life jacket. When the canopy is furled, you can get multiple people in from the water, fast. The CPR is packed in the smallest and lightest weight packing possible.

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