Life Raft – Coastal Passage Raft

Designed with ease of boarding in mind

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SWITLIK’s raft pack is designed and tested to make the raft deploy right-side up. The  SWITLIK signature convertible canopy system allows the CPR to be inflated with the canopy still furled. This allows for easier boarding from either the water or your vessel. Once in the CPR, you can quickly inflate the arch tubes with the separate C02 inflation system and zip close the Bimini top cover for protection.

The CPR comes equipped with four wide, stiff rung, boarding ladders for ease of boarding from any side even wearing a life jacket. When the canopy is furled, you could get multiple people in from the water, fast.

The CPR is packed in the smallest and lightest weight packing possible, allowing it to be easily deployed by anyone on board your vessel. The raft is vacuum sealed inside either a soft valise or hard fiberglass container. Both options are compact enough to be carried aboard boats of any size.

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