Helmet Parts

The best helmet parts at your fingertips
Red Baron ALSE is the premium retailer of aviation helmet parts in Australia. Helmet manufacturers usually have the parts needed to repair or replace your helmet’s components. However, at Red Baron ALSE, we made helmet part replacement easier to find and easier to buy.

A quality range of helmet parts

Red Baron ALSE has a range of high quality helmet parts. Our liners and ear seals are memory foam and enhanced with anti-odour & anti-microbial performance. The Zero G ear seals offer optimum comfort and maximum side impact protection. The fabric used in the construction of these products is designed to draw perspiration away from the head. Consequently this assists in cooling the wearer through the evaporation process. Our upgraded helmet parts come with easy to follow fitment instructions. Then again, why not consider booking your helmet in for a service and having our qualified technicians fit the upgrades to your helmet whilst it is here.
Regardless if you call it a hush kit or noise reduction inner ear cup or an ear cup pad, the foam pads fit into any helmet or passive aviation headset cup assisting in noise reduction and greater communication.

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