Ear Seals – Zero-G Combo Ear Seals


Pain free flying to ensure focus remains on the primary mission



The fabric used in the construction of these products is designed to draw perspiration away from the head and cool the wearer through the evaporation process.

These products have been engineered to provide pain free flying for pilots and aircrew to ensure the focus is on the primary mission, not the fit or stability of the flight helmet.

The laminate structure provides optimum comfort, noise attenuation, and maximum side impact protection.

The sonic interior wall allows stray noise to penetrate the interior wall and then dissipate into the ear seal’s sound deadening material. This layer also provides heat and moisture wicking properties, keeping the wearer cool and dry.

These products will not generate hot spots commonly associated with this type of life support equipment. The ear seals will conform around objects such as eyeglass frames and not create discomfort.

Due to our hygiene and quality control purposes please ensure you carefully select correct size, as we do not take returns on ear seals.


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