Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q) Will you fit ANR to my helmet?

    Yes, we supply and fit Gen 3 Australia Made ANR kits to your helmet.

  • Q) Will you install a Bose ANR headset to my helmet?

    No- Bose state “Do not use the headset with a helmet or as part of a crash protection system. The headset is not intended for such use, and has not been certified for crash protection. Dismantling, reassembly or modification of the headset, or any part, for use in a helmet or other crash protection system could result in severe bodily injury and such unauthorized use will void the limited product warranty.” Contact us to see if Lightspeed Aviation ANR is suitable to have fitted to your flight helmet.

  • Q) Can you fit a CEP kit to a head set?

    CEP can be fitted to David Clark head sets and other types upon inspection. Installation to a head set is involved, and can be completed at our facility. Cost for installation is $80.00 plus cost of CEP kit.

  • Q) What is the cost of a flight helmet general service or refurbishment?

    General Service fee $95 – Basic service suited for well-maintained helmets in fair to good condition. Full Refurbishment fee – $400- Full service suited for helmets that have had a lot of use and limited maintenance performed. Paint extra. Paint Only – $480 – Quality Aerospace grade finish. If helmet not being refurbished there will be a labour component charge for disassemble and assemble of the helmet. Any extra parts –charged as required. Supplied at retail price. Any Upgrades – As required. Supplied at retail

  • Q) What is the process to having my helmet serviced/ refurbished?

    Contact us prior to shipment of your helmet and we will pencil you into our helmet production schedule. Once your helmet is received our technician will complete a free assessment and contact you with the job details and cost. Payment is required before your helmet is returned.

  • Q) What is the turnaround time for helmet service or refurbishment?

    General service turn around time is within a week. A full refurb we aim to turn around within 14 days. Both servicings need to be booked into the production schedule. Time frames depend on the job scope.

  • Q) When I plug my military helicopter helmet into my general aviation radio, I can hear but I can’t transmit. What is wrong?

    Your military helmet has a 5 Ohm dynamic microphone and 19 Ohm dynamic earphone elements which are not compatible with GA radio. The best solution would be to purchase a new electret microphone and receivers.

  • Q) My product isn’t working- what do I do?

    Contact us at Red Baron ALSE to qualify the problem. If there is a requirement for the item to be returned, follow the RMA instructions located on our site.

  • Q) What helmets do you sell?

    At Red Baron ALSE we sell new and refurbished helmets. New helmet range consist of Osprey, Aspida, the Northwall Innovation range and Lift Aviation. For other brands such as MSA Gallet, Alpha and Gentex, contact us via our contact page.

  • Q) How often does a Switlik Constant Wear Life vest jacket need servicing?

    Switlik constant wear aviation life preservers should be inspected and tested as appropriate during their service life, taking into consideration such factors as operational history, route structure, frequency of handling, environmental and stowage conditions, etc. While the life preserver manufacturer can make a recommendation regarding its life preserver’s service intervals, ultimately, per ATA 100, Time Between Overhaul (TBO) intervals are to be determined between each operator and their local airworthiness authority. For FAR operators, Switlik Survival Products hereby recommends a standard 2 year service interval (TBO) on all Switlik TSO-C13d and TSO-C13f approved constant wear life preservers (S-9450, S-7200, S-9430, S-9400) as long as visual inspections are performed by the operator on no less than semi-annually basis. Any life preservers with visual damage or excessive wear must be pulled from operation and serviced by a FAA part 145 approved maintenance facility. Date of Issue: March 13, 2017