Successful Projects

Our products have clocked up a lot of miles across our nation making sure Aussies fly safe. And we’re proud of that. We’re also immensely proud of our remarkable achievements since the company’s inception in 2000, including international growth and worldwide partnerships. Here are some of our highlights.

Recent Projects

  • Flight helmet safety inspections and upgrades for government, law enforcement, emergency, rescue, and aerial delivery organisations and departments.
  • The supply and manufacture of high-specification furnished products and support for Thales, Mulwala
  • The supply of Aviation Life Support equipment from helmets to life vests to BAE Systems Australia for ADF flight training
  • Unique Aviation Life Support solutions and aircrew communication requirements for the Australian Defence Force
  • Aviation Life Support solutions including flight helmet refurbishment and fitment services for UAE military helicopter pilot training
  • Developed Aviation Life Support equipment for Air Attack teams in the fire industry
  • We’re a recognised Defence supplier of multi-seat life rafts and single-seat life rafts, Aircrew life vests, and Anti G suits
  • The development of next generation flight gloves, which are glass cockpit compatible

Past Projects

  • Commercial and VIP aircraft cabin interior upgrades
  • QANTAS emergency equipment training technical support
  • Virgin Blue emergency training – cabin crew emergency life-raft training with 100% success rate on deployments of equipment over a 12-month period
  • Jet Star emergency training aids upgrade
  • Ground safety solutions for airlines
  • Establishment of an Aviation Life Support equipment section for John Holland Aviation, including maintenance authority approvals for CASA, SAA, FAA and EASA on Airbus and Boeing aircraft, for life rafts, life vests, and escape slides.
  • Consultation, design and manufacture of high-specification furnished products for Mulwala Upgrade Project

Develop and deliver Life Support Training Course on flight helmet, life vest and survival equipment maintenance for BAE Systems Australia