Aviation Flight Helmets

  • Flight Helmet service, repair & overhaul of most makes and models
  • New helmet sales and spare parts (call us for our full range)
  • Painting service and modifications available
  • Specialise in safety and comfort upgrades including Zero G memory foam products
  • All work is by fully qualified, highly trained technicians to OEM or Mil Spec standards
  • Authorised distributor of Northwall, Osprey, Phoenix and Aspida Flight Helmets
  • Authorised distributor of Zero G Upgrade Kits by Pro Flight Gear

Aviation Flight Helmet Refurbishment

  • We offer a full helmet refurbishment service
  • Services include a free safety integrity assessment, disassemble, paint, reassemble, operation and communications test
  • Painting by highly trained aerospace surface-finish technicians with the best quality paint products
  • General Helmet Service for routine inspections at a competitive price
  • All inspections include a maintenance log and comply with relevant OEM or Mil Spec requirements

Pilot Communications

  • Communication solutions: leads, adapters, microphones, earphone speakers, mic muffs, hush kits, memory foam and gel ear seals
  • Passive Noise Reduction, CEP kits and Zero G upgrade liners, ear seals and hush kits
  • CEP retrofit service
  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) kits, Gen 3 Australian Made Kit, custom supply and fit service available
  • Bluetooth interfaces available
  • Authorised distributor for Pilot Communications Australia and Pilot Communications USA

Aviation NVG

  • Support for Aviation Night Vision
  • Helmet NVG interfacing and supply of ancillary equipment
  • Sales and service of fittings, interfaces, Mike lights, finger lights and counterweight pouches
  • Distributor for Seitz Scientific

Flight Clothing

  • Flight clothing – highest quality US Mil Spec PPE available, including Nomex One and Two-Piece Flight Suits, Nomex Touch Screen Flight Gloves, Skull Caps, and Helmet Bags
  • Anti-Exposure Suits – Switlik U-ZIP-IT, latest model Next Generation flight suit now available
  • Authorised distributor for Switlik survival products
  • Authorised distributor for Propper Apparel
  • Authorised distributor for Aureus International
  • Authorised distributor for Tactical Aviation Life Support

Life Vests & Life Rafts

  • Supplying Next Generation Aviation and Marine Life Rafts
  • Lightweight multi-seat and single-seat life rafts
  • Constant-wear aircrew, passenger, life and Molle vests

Survival & Safety Equipment

  • Suppliers of survival kits, PLBs, strobe lights, signal mirrors, flares, sea marker dye, immersion suits, survival vests, Molle vests, quick throw bags, and chem lights
  • We offer the full suite of ACR survival equipment
  • Distributors of Switlik survival products
  • Authorised ACR Electronics distributor
  • Authorised Battery Replacement Centre (BRC)

Rescue platforms & Devices

  • Authorised distributor for Switlik survival products
  • Authorised Switlik Australian Government Technical Sales Representative

Aviation Life Support Consultancy

How does a reduction in operating costs sound to you?

Not only will we show you cost-effective ALSE solutions, we’ll manage your entire ALSE project.

We offer a Best Product Placement and Development Service, plus, Hazard Management Strategies with a strong emphasis on personal safety. We’ll overhaul your company’s Safety and Risk Management Plan with an exemplary mission-critical focus on safety equipment.

Being an independent Australian-owned company, we can implement non-biased assessments and work out the best product application for your company or organisation, from our huge range of Aviation Life Support equipment.

We also have the capabilities to custom design and manufacture furnished fabric components to the highest standards and specifications as our notably regarded recent projects can attest to. For more information on the full extent of our Aviation Life Support Consultancy Services, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Film & Television Industry Props 

We are in a unique position to source authentic helmets and flight gear for film and television industry projects.

Talk to us about supplying specific aviation props to suit any budget.

Our past achievements include supplying Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, and flight crew, with helmets and gear for the American disaster movie, San Andreas. We sourced and created the wardrobe department’s specific flight-gear requirements and custom fitted helmets to ensure they stayed firmly in place during dramatic helicopter stunt scenes.

An upcoming American movie, The Ghost in the Shell, (based on the Japanese Manga series of the same name and starring Scarlett Johansson) also sees more of our helmets in action!

Flight Helmet Replicas

Another of our achievements was the recent re-creation of a flight helmet once worn by RAAF Veterans during the Battle of Long Tan, Vietnam, in support and commemoration of their service. May we send our blessings to all veterans.