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With 2 levels of service available- we have something to suit you!

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An affordable and custom helmet service

Our regular helmet service starts from $95.00 plus parts.

In addition to services we also offer helmet refurbishments starting from $400.00 plus parts.

Furthermore; we can customise your helmet with upgrades and parts that suits your requirement.

Helmet Shell Re-Paint is also available.

For a helmet service or custom refurbishment, please contact us.

Refurbishment process:

  1. Our service starts with a safety integrity inspection by our ALSE technicians in accordance with OEM and Mil spec standards. Once your helmet has passed this inspection, it can proceed to be refurbished.
  2. Disassemble.
  3. Inspection to shell and disassembled components.
  4. Painting – Helmet shell is painted if required. Painting involves sanding and priming; as well as two coats of quality paint and polishing. All work completed by qualified Aerospace technicians.
  5. Reassemble – Red Baron ALSE military qualified technicians reassemble using existing and/or new parts together with any upgrades. Additionally a quality check and inspection is performed.
  6. Configuration and operation test – Your helmet configuration and operation is checked and tested to ensure all systems function correctly coupled with a full communications check.
  7. Helmet data and records are entered into our data base along with any modifications. An unobtrusive inspection decal is placed inside the helmet for your records.
  8. Helmet is released for operational use.

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