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Communications Ear Plug. Flight Helmet Noise Reduction System

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The Communications Enhancement and Protection System (CEPS) is used in high noise environments where accurate communications are required for safe operations. Excellent hearing protection is provided while assuring clear face-to-face communications for all applications.

CEP Kit includes:
– Ear canal tip harness
– Interface harness
– Ear canal tips 1x slim & 1 x standard
– Instructions, handling & care guide

An alternative solution that overcomes shortcomings of the ANR approach is the communications earplug (CEP).

The CEP is a cost-effective device that provides the exceptional hearing protection of an expanding foam earplug while passing to the ear the clearest speech signal attainable.

A miniature transducer and foam earplug are coupled in a unique arrangement to yield a light weight, high quality communications device that can be used alone or in combination with circumaural hearing protection.

The CEP was developed by the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL) at Fort Rucker, Alabama to meet the significant noise threat of Army helicopters.

Tests conducted with aviation units fully demonstrated the capabilities of the CEP in actual operational environments found in all helicopters used in Army aviation.

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