Switlik X-Back Basic Air Crew Vest


It’s the vest you’ll forget you’re wearing.

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It’s the Life Vest you’ll forget you’re wearing.

A Life Vest specifically designed for constant wear in the seated position in your helicopter or fixed wing aircraft so that you can remain comfortable. A unique proprietary interior cell folding technique combined with open V-Neck design removes the bulk from your neck and chest to avoid interference with helmet and safety restraints.

Offering the features we all want in a Life Vest

Designed with a break through zipper closer the Switlik Zipper closure keeps your inflatable Life Vest secure at all times. The simple reliable dual breakaway design provides immediate inflation when activated. Similarly, backup oral inflation tubes are conveniently located on either side of the vest and easily reached through the side access flaps.

– Designed to transfer the load away from your neck.

– Twin cell inflatable life-vest with two oral tubes

– Innovative protective cover with dual-opening zipper design that provides emergency access to both oral tubes. Built in locator light.

– Two permanently attached pockets for gear storage.

– A low-profile design

– Nomex/Kevlar – comfortable and safe.

The exterior cover is constructed from a blended Nomex®/Kevlar® Rip-stop weave fabric. The material is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. The Kevlar component provides excellent durability. Whereas, the Nomex gives you the in-cockpit fire protection you want.

-A simple deployment – our beaded handle.

High visibility red beaded handles are found on both sides of the vest making for simple activation. They incorporate a breakaway safety feature to prevent snagging.

Weight: 1.08kg (2 lbs 6 oz)
Buoyancy: Over 35 lbs
Inflation System: Two 18g CO2 cylinders
Cover Fabric: Nomex®/Kevlar® Blend
Color: Cobalt Blue

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