Switlik X-Back Molle+ Vest (ETSO/TSO)

Light-weight and designed to be comfortable

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The ETSO Passenger Life vest design complies with ETSO-2c504 for use on helicopter operations to and from helidecks located in hostile sea areas.

This vest is light-weight and designed to be comfortable in the seated position.

With one-size-fits-all sizing, this vest is perfect for outfitting an entire fleet of aircraft for passengers.

The ETSO Passenger vest comes standard with a lifting strop, permanently attached leg loops and pockets for temporary storage.

One of the unique features of the ETSO Passenger vest is an integrated lifting becket located at the center of the vest which has a breaking strength in excess of 585 lbs. (2,600 N).

In an emergency situation, the lifting becket (EN396 compliant) allows for the wearer of the ETSO vest to be hoisted without the need for a separate lifting harness.


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