Switlik All-Pax Life Vest Blue


Fits Children and Adults. Great for Tourist Operators & Families

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Whether outfitting a personal aircraft, or a fleet of passengers, the Switlik All-Pax Life Vest is a perfect solution.

The Switlik All-Pax Life Vest has maximum adjustment capability to fit the largest range of size, and provides sufficient flotation for children and adults. This make for a great product solution for a variety of passengers.

Designed for easy donning and constant wear, the Switlik All Pax Life Vest is perfect for over-water flight protection.

The All-Pax is a true one-size-fits-all life preserver, with a size range of 16kg and above.

The stow-able infant/child back strap converts the vest from adult to child-size, with the ease of one attachment. This vest is perfect for a more secure fit on smaller wearers.

The front of the life preserver has two attachment buckles for a more secure fit on smaller wearers.

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