Flight Helmet – Osprey

Osprey Flight Helmet with ANVIS NVG Quick Release

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Flight helmet designed for rotary wing aircraft

The Osprey flight helmet is designed to be used only in rotary wing aircraft.

This is important because the safety demands placed on helmets designed for helicopters is higher than those of fixed-wing.


Features that all pilots and crew want in a flight helmet

The Osprey flight helmet comes fully assembled with clear outer and tinted inner visor lenses.

The Carbon Fiber Dual Visor Cover includes ANVIS NVG Quick Release Mounting Plate.


In addition to the above, further features include:

– Lightweight Composite Shell

– Paraclete Shock Liner

– Carbon Fiber Visor Cover

– ANVIS NVG Mounting Plate

– Clear (Outer) & Tinted (Smoke Inner) Visor Lenses

– Legacy Retention Assembly

– Standard Ear Seals

– Crushable Ear Cups

– Stainless Steel Hardware

– 300 OHM Speakers

– Braided Coiled or Straight 24 Gauge Communications Cable

– Twin-Rail Ball Joint Microphone Boom

– M-7 Electret Microphone

– Nephos™ Comfort Liner


Standard Colour Options

– Gloss White            – Gloss Red             – Gloss Blue               – Gloss Black             – OD Green

– Coast Guard Metallic Blue                      – Metallic Titanium             – Metallic Silver.


Additionally, custom colour options are available on order.

Options and pricing available upon request.


Shell Size Regular or Extra Large. The thickness of comfort liner varies to accommodate a large variety of head sizes.

Additional Information Weight; 2.3kgs (5lbs) Dimensions; 12 x 12 x 12 in

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