Northwall Flight Helmet

Northwall Flight Helmet Pilot

Reduced size means long levels of attention with out altering balance

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Northwall Flight Helmet designed for comfort

The Northwall Flight Helmet LMT- Pilot- Gen III are designed especially for general pilots of civilian or military helicopters. The construction of this helmet allowed for minimising the weight and size without giving up the security and safety features. The reduced size also allows maintaining long levels of attention without altering the balance of the pilots. This ensures great comfort whilst flying long hours

Available sizes:
S/M: (from 52 a 58 cm) (20.1⁄2-23 in) adjustable
Weight: (without comms) 750g

L/XL: (from 59 to 64 cm) (23.1⁄4-251⁄4) adjustable
Weight: (without comms) 880g

Red BaronALSE Northwall Colours

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