Flight Helmet – Northwall LMT Medic

Helmet for airborne medical crew members who must also protect their heads on the ground.

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The LMT Medic helmet is designed for a medical or crew members use, for those who needs to operate also on the ground. The special shape grants the removal of one or both earcups allowing the use of tools like stethoscope, the contact with the ground crew or any patient during rescue operations, while maintaining the security features required for flight helmets or on the operational scenarios.

Available sizes:

S/M: from 52 a 57 cm (20 1⁄2 – 22 1⁄2 inch)

Weight: (without comms) 690g

L/XL: from 58 to 64 cm (23 – 25 1⁄4 inch)

Weight: (without comms) 880g

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