Flight Helmet – Aspida

A multi-fit flight helmet with many features.

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An aviation flight helmet made not only to look good, but to feel good

This aviation flight helmet is delivered fully assembled with clear outer and tinted (neutral) inner visor lenses. The Carbon Fibre Dual Visor Cover includes ANVIS NVG Quick Release Mounting Plate.

The Aspida Helmet comes with an unpainted visor cover and includes our standard paint colour options on the shell. Standard paint colour options are available to fit most common requests, additionally you can contact use now to customise your colour.

The Aspida™ Helicopter Helmet goes through a 6 Step Finishing Process to ensure a quality look that we are proud of; as a result you are getting a helmet that will last and you will be pleased with.


Offering features such as:

– Kairos™ Retention Assembly with Boa® Closure System and Fidlock® Buckle

– Lightweight Carbon Fibre Dual Composite Shell

– Carbon Fibre Dual Visor Cover – ANVIS NVG Quick release

– TruQ™ Ear Seals and Hush Kit

– Nephos™ Comfort Liner with X-Static®

– Clear & Tinted (Neutral) Visor Lenses

– Crushable Ear Cups

– Stainless Steel Hardware

– 300 OHM Speakers

– Coiled or Straight 24 Gauge Communications Cable

– Twin-Rail Ball Joint Microphone Boom

– M-7 Electret Microphone

– Paraclete EPS Shock Liner

– Shell Size: Large/ Extra Large or Regular

– The thickness of comfort liner varies to accommodate a large variety of head sizes.

Additional Information

Weight: 1.45kg (3.2 lbs)

Options and pricing available upon request.

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