SWITLIK more than just a manufacturer!

We are proud to have a long standing association with Switlik, not only as the Switlik Technical Advisor for the Australian Government and Defence Forces, but also because we truly believe in their safety and survival products and the standards that they exceed in the manufacturing of these products.

More than just a manufacturer, Switlik have a long heritage of supporting military and government services dating back to 1920.  A little history lesson, if I may…..

Founded by Polish immigrant Stanley Switlik, Switlik Parachute Company (first incorporated in 1920 as the Canvas-Leather Specialty Company) was an early leader in the design and manufacture of parachutes for the aviation industry and the United States military services. The company received five Army-Navy “E” awards for its impressive productivity of parachutes during World War II (WWII) for our country’s “Arsenal of Democracy.”

As we know them today they are the leading worldwide manufacturer of the highest quality sewn and heat sealed inflatable safety and survival products for the aviation, marine, and military markets. With integrity, research and world leading technologies their products stand the test of time.  However, there is another side to this business, one that gives back to communities and customers alike.

Giving back to the community has been a fundamental part of their past and a legacy they continue to build. Since the early years, Switlik has donated products, land, financial resources and time to various organisations and school districts.

In 1952, chairman and owner Stanley Switlik discussed the formation of a company foundation for charitable contributions to the Board of Directors. He believed that through the medium of a foundation, more efficient benefits could result to charity. This proposal was unanimously adopted and Switlik Parachute Company, Inc. officially started a charitable trust, to be known as the Switlik Foundation.

The creation of the Switlik Foundation was far ahead of its time and its forward-looking vision has had a lasting impact on the community. Still to this day, the philanthropic arm of Switlik Survival Products, supports schools and organisations by giving back and investing in the local community where their employees and customers live and work and is fundamental to Switlik Survival Products.

Corporate responsibility is important and we are proud to be aligned with and endorse Switlik.  Their support of Red Baron ALSE has meant that we have been able to support and provide the customers we serve with the very best safety and survival products in the world, without undermining our own Corporate conscience or integrity.

To view our comprehensive range of Switlik Constant Wear Life Vests, to make an enquiry or to view the full specifications of the range.  Please click here.

Yours in safety,

Greg Bayne

View full specifications here


With demand for COVID-19 safe measures underpinning our lives at the moment, we wanted an offer for our valued clients.

Your can purchase our Nomex Touch Screen Flight Gloves for only $55, reduced from $75.00.

NOMEX Touch Screen Flight Gloves can be used anywhere the ability to access screens is required.

Our Nomex gloves are designed and tested for pilots, crew and land operators and those seeking an additional layer of protection using touch screens.Whilst primarily made for pilots and flight crews, these gloves are excellent for land operator and persons in need of an additional layer of protection when using touch screens devices including Ipad and Iphone and other smart phones / tablets.

The glove is a double stitched form-fitting NOMEX material with an all-leather palm and stitching at the cuff.  This glove offers a great fit and feel and is lightweight and comfortable for a full days use. Offering a lightweight, form-fitting design over fingers provides excellent comfort and tactility plus the elastic wrist provides a secure fit.

This glove is heat and fire resistant to 370 C and washable with mild soap and water not over 48 C.  Designed for repeated use and made to last.

Made in USA.

View full specifications here

Available only in Sage Green with Grey Leather

COVID-19 Safe Business

We are pleased to announce that we are officially registered as a COVID Safe Business.

We have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and are committed to keeping our team and you safe.

A New Normal

Welcome to our 2nd Newsletter is as many months!

To say that it’s business as usual would be false, however we are still doing our very best to provide you, our valued clients the service, expertise and care that you expect from Red Baron ALSE.

As we start to come out of isolation and return to a new “normal” our workplaces are going to look a little different.  A new focus and shift towards creating space around what we do and an added emphasis on clean and safe work environments will add a whole new level of expertise and care for all businesses.

For some this might mean hand sanitising upon entry of shops / workplaces, continued social distancing in the office and the need to wear gloves where before you didn’t.

Navigating through this new world we are in, we at Red Baron ALSE can help.  Our products whilst made and supplied more generally to the aviation industry, are transferable across multiple industries and businesses like, warehousing, freight and logistics etc.

In an effort to assist in fulfilling these new Covid-19 safe measures that many businesses are seeking, we’ve created a new section on our website to help you and your workplace navigate how our products can be used across your business.

Workplace Protective Products.
These products are designed to provide an extra layer of protection to help mitigate the spread of CV19 or any other transmittable hazards.

It is important to note that whilst these products listed are forms of PPE in their own right these products are not CV19 PPE rather another barrier/layer of protection.

These products are machine washable and can be re-sterilised as required.

It’s Our Birthday

The year 2000 was 20 years ago.  Say what?

Bon Jovi released “It’s My Life”, “Erin Brokovich” and “Gladiator” played in movie theaters, George Bush defeated Al Gore to become the 43rd US President and John Howard was at the helm here in Australia.

Something else pretty great happened 20 years ago too…………Red Baron ALSE was born.  Yes we are 20 years old this year and, as we head into our ‘early adulthood’ we wanted to thank you, our customers, suppliers and supporters who helped us make Red Baron ALSE what it is today.

Red Baron was founded by me, Greg Bayne in the year 2000. I am a retired RAAF veteran and I’m proud to have served 19 years with the Royal Australian Air Force working with the majority of Defence Aviation Life Support Equipment in service.

From humble beginnings (they’re often the best kind), upholstering and refurbishing aircraft cabin interiors and flight helmets, Red Baron ALSE came to be.

My vision was always to service and lead this industry. I identified a growing need in the field of Aviation Life Support Services, an industry where my specific skills and experiences could be utilised.

There have been some major wins for Red Baron ALSE over the past 20 years, not in the least, the Government contracting us to maintain and repair ALSE for flight operations, including fire bombing, emergency medical, law enforcement and defence.  Our appointment by Switlik Survival Products as the Switlik Technical Advisor for the Australian Government and Defence Force was another major achievement and one we’re really proud of!

And, like any business there have been some losses or as we like to say lessons.  In these times, where things haven’t gone our way, we’ve learnt, adapted and honed our skills and craft. A lot like what we’re doing now, amid COVID-19.

These last 20 years have seen our team become trusted advisors to our peers across our industry on a global scale and it’s a mantel we don’t take lightly.  We invest in our team and in turn our clients trust us in the work we do.

2020 is a celebration year for us and although we seem to be in unchartered waters

in the wake of our current reality,  we plan on making 2020 a year to remember here at Red Baron ALSE for all the RIGHT reasons.

To celebrate this milestone, we are putting together some commemorative pieces that  we’ll have available the next time we head to our Industry Conferences / Symposiums, whenever and however they will look!

One thing for sure is that 2020 is definitely going to be a year we all remember.

A 20 year anniversary in any form is something to be revered and celebrated and we welcome you to join us!  Bring on the next 20, once we get through this new reality, and we will get through. And as I said earlier, we are all in this together and if we can help, we will.

Yours in safety,

Greg Bayne
Managing Director

Avalon 2019 Australian International Airshow

The Avalon Airshow is on again.  Call in and see us in Hall 2 Stand 2P20.  The team from Switlik Survival Products will be on stand with us Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  View up close our range of survival products including life vests and flight helmets. The Red Baron ALSE team will be there from Tuesday to Sunday.  We look forward to seeing you.

New Helmet Service Centre

Red Baron ALSE has opened a new helmet servicing facility in Canberra ACT.

All helmets will be serviced at:

24/2 Yallourn St, Fyshwick, ACT 2609

Please call 02 5112 0968 to make an appointment to see technical staff.


Avalon Air Show 2017

“The Australian International Airshow 2017 smashes all records!!

Airshow 2017 delivered a record crowd. Total attendances over the six days were 210,664 breaking the previous record, set in 2001, by more than 9000.”

There was something for every one including Drones in Agriculture, Warbirds and of course, the new Joint Strike Fighter.

We thank those that visited our stand; both current and new contacts.  It was a pleasure to discuss your requirements face to face.

The Ghost in the Shell

March 31, 2017

The Ghost in the Shell


We’re pleased to announce yet another movie will feature our helmets. Set for release early 2017.

Scarlett Johansson plays a cyborg policewoman on the hunt for a hacker. We can’t wait to see it.