Airshow 2023


”I feel the need, the need for speed”

Pretty much sums up what the airshow means to the thousands of punters that head through the gates to see, hear, smell and experience the might of our aviation industry and our military.

To us here at Red Baron ALSE, it means teaming up with our great partners to showcase all that we do and supply. We’ll be front and centre in Hall 2, stand 2P20 from Tuesday the 28th of February – through until lunchtime on Friday the 3rd of March for our trade friends and mixing it up with the public from Friday arvo through to Sunday the 5th of March.

Proudly Australian & Veteran Owned

At Red Baron ALSE having had decades of hands-on experience with aviation safety equipment in both operational and hostile conditions across the globe, our accomplished staff provides meticulous expert technical support and instruction to military and commercial aircrews, assuring survival is in the safest hands possible.

Our manufacturing facility provides exemplary service, modification and repairs for flight helmets, plus sales and distribution of Aviation Life Support equipment. We are passionate about the research, design and development of such products for Defence Force projects. Our partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers, in-house customisation, and best-practice manufacturing, ensures a superior nationwide and international service. Our cutting edge Next Generation technologies enable outstanding solutions for specific Aviation Life Support Equipment projects.

Other products and services include flight helmets, life vests, life rafts and survival gear customised to specific theatres of operation.

Our distinct policy of partnership with OEMs and a dedicated unique whole-team approach is appreciated and valued by our esteemed customers and suppliers.

Our company’s mission statement:

“The professional aviator’s first choice in hostile environments.”

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We are an authorised battery replacement centre for ACR PLB’s and it’s important to know that replacing the battery in your Personal Locator Beacon, is not as simple as replacing the batteries like you would in your TV remote or other household items.

The Battery Replacement service includes:

  • Inspect unit and ensure serviceable
  • Install new battery
  • Remove and dispose of old battery
  • Install new battery kit
  • Replacement of all gaskets, seals and waterproofing of unit.
  • New battery label
  • Reset history
  • Perform a serviceability test on unit and provide report

Our facility located at Fyshwick in ACT is now the centralised location for this service with our trained technicians.


Purchase a new PLB

If you’re looking to purchase a new PLB then look no further than the new and updated ResQLink 400 Series.


You might look as cool as ‘The Rock’ but…

How safe is your helmet?

Did you know the ATSB has released a statement citing the importance of a correctly fitted, secured and maintained flight helmet and its ability to save lives.

“A correctly fitted and secured flight helmet can significantly reduce injuries and save lives in the event of a serious incident or accident but to be fully effective it must be adjusted to fit the head and the chin strap must be fastened securely.

In addition, helmets must be serviced regularly, routinely inspected for damage, and replaced immediately if it has sustained a major impact.” Read the full article here

Your safety is our top priority here at RED BARON ALSE

Safety starts with regular servicing of your flight helmet and ensures compliance and longevity of your equipment. Book your service here.

📣We won’t let a little thing like another LOCKDOWN get us DOWN

Another year, another lockdown!

🎢What a rollercoaster year we’ve had so far, we thought 2020 was a year like no other……..2021 sure showed us!

We are now feeling super lucky that we got to head up to beautiful Queensland for Land Forces and just scraped in our stint at Rotor Tech.  We loved catching up with everyone and being part of the buzz and excitement that goes along with major events like those! And then 💥LOCKDOWN!

Avalon Air Show cancelled, till 2023!  We wonder what that will bring?

The great news is that we, here at Red Baron ALSE are forging ahead doing what we love to do, so on that note, let’s talk about a product that we sell, custom fit, service and repair.

If you work in aviation, on water or enjoy these things recreationally then, you’ll want to keep on reading.

As many of you know we at Red Baron ALSE are proud partners and distributers of Switlik products and as the Switlik Technical Advisor for the Australian Government and Defence Forces, we know what we’re talking about.

So, let’s talk dry suits, specifically the Switlik U-Zip-ItTM Anti-Exposure Dry Suit.

There are so many reasons to love this product. Things like, the unique U-Zip-ItTM low slung entry zipper designed to make it easy to get on, zip up and wear all day. When talking dry-suits those that wear them know that comfort is all about zipper placement and the U-Zip-ItTM suit has got this sorted. Zipper placement on this suit was designed to make any necessary movements with no interference with the zip, creating the most comfortable dry-suit. Plus the articulated knee, seat and elbows are made from abrasion resistant (no rips) heavy duty Nomex®/Kevlar® fabric keeping you moving and protected during even the most difficult tasks. An internal suspend system allows the wearer to remove the torso section (tie it around your waist, like the cool kids do), so you’re standing by ready to go at any second.

When fully zipped the X_Back suspenders allows the suit to move without any sagging or binding. Where Switlik products are concerned you know that’s not all, a flame-resistant shawl protects the neck seal and an internal Nomex® neck guard gives added comfort, as well as flame-resistant wrist seal over-cuffs.  They have thought of everything!

This suit is custom tailored to fit you perfectly, right down to your foot size and there are unisex relief zippers, for you know, when nature calls! It truly is the dry-suit you can and will want to wear all day.

Why am I telling you all of this, well yes, we sell these – but we also custom fit, service and repair them.  These suits are made to last and can be customised over and over again. We custom tailor to fit you perfectly, chest size, hip, sitting inseam, sleeve length and neck size.  All you need to do is follow our simple measuring instructions and we are able to reproduce a fully customised suit – all the way down to your feet.  Each suit comes with CWU-75P stretch PTFE breathable laminate socks to keep your feet dry and are easy to slip into any footwear.

We can also hire them out for single use if and when required.  Fully customised to fit you.

For more information on the Switlik U-Zip-ItTM dry-suit, the links for more or contact our expert team via email or give us a call, +61 2 5112 0968.

I wonder what 2022 will bring……actually I’m wondering what November will bring…..because at this point, anything is possible!

Yours in safety,

Greg Bayne
Managing Director

🎙2021 and so it continues……But here’s why we’re excited!

Welcome back to another little blog post from us here at Red Baron ALSE.

We’re pretty excited right NOW, for the first time in a while, thanks COVID, we’re back doing what we love at some trade shows in beautiful Queensland. Land Forces, was early June and it was great to back doing what we do! Next up is Rotor Tech, so if you’re heading into the Royal International Convention Centre, make sure you drop in and say hi. If you allow, I wanted to use this time that you’re giving me, as an opportunity to talk to you about an extraordinary company that we are proud to partner with and are a certified installer for.

Lightspeed Aviation are the leader in wearable ANR (Active Noise Reduction) technology for pilots and like Red Baron ALSE they operate with a simple strategy: know your customer well and remain committed to relentless product evolution. At Lightspeed, everything they do is in service to their customer and their products push performance to the edge of technological possibilities. To be honest, we couldn’t find a company more aligned to our values and core beliefs here at Red Baron ALSE. The unveiling of their first product at the 1996 EAA AirVenture – the K series ANR headset, setting the standard in the industry became Lightspeed tradition. Throughout the next 10 years Lightspeed made leaps and bounds in innovation and technology and today produce the most durable, most comfortable aviation headsets available today.

Red Baron ALSE are proud to be a certified installer in Australia and New Zealand, of the Zulu H-Mod. A modification kit which is the only premium ANR and audio solution specifically engineered for helmets. The Zulu H-Mod technology can be installed into your existing helmet or can be mounted into a new one. Most importantly, Red Baron ALSE is the ONLY installer in Australia and New Zealand certified to install this product into a range of aviation helmets. The Zulu H-Mod allows pilots to experience remarkable comfort, quiet and clarity. The Zulu H-Mod reduces background noise, allowing pilots to have increased focus (always important, I’d say), in turn reducing pilot and crew fatigue. Zulu H-Mod also increases situational awareness and aids in the preservation of flight crews hearing. Including Bluetooth connectivity for back up comms, music, app alerts and fast safe egress with the exclusive Quick Disconnect cable, it really is simple to see why Lightspeed was the choice we made!

If you’d like to know more about Lightspeed Aviation or the Zulu H-Mod technology or find out if your helmet comms can pass the test, head on over the their website at or jump online at to enquire or email us here or even give us a call, +61 2 5112 0968.

Yours in safety,

Greg Bayne
Managing Director

Land Forces 1-3 June 2021

We’re exhibiting!

Come and visit us at stand 3X6, Hall 3 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Queensland, Australia.

We are excited to be exhibiting and look forward to meeting you face to face.

View up close our range of survival products including life vests and flight helmets.

Make an appointment for F2F meetings.

2021 The Best Is Yet To Come!

Well there’s no doubt that 2020 was a year like no other, so it’s not going to take a lot to make 2021 a better year, but we’re looking forward to all that this year has to offer.

But first some housekeeping.

We all made changes to how we do business in 2020 and that for a lot of us meant closures, working from home and saying goodbye to open doors and walk-in traffic. Both the Yarrawonga and Fyshwick sites are still open for business, but you MUST make an appointment.  This allows us to keep you and our staff safe and adhere to our Covid Safety policies.

This year sees us with the hope ��that we’ll be back out in the mix seeing everyone at some leading industry events.

Check out the events below showcasing the best our industry has to offer and where you can see us throughout 2021.

At Red Baron ALSE we are Proudly Australian and Veteran owned. Our flight equipment and knowledge is cutting edge and we welcome you to take flight with us.

We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction and work hard to ensure our impeccable reputation for service remains flawless. We repair and refurbish equipment and our dedication to aviation safety shines through in the quality of our workmanship.

Our prices are affordable and competitive, making it possible for more people to enjoy the high standards of our work and the quality of our products.  We are Red Baron ALSE.

On a personal note myself and the whole team at Red Baron ALSE would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and custom during what has been a incredibly challenging time for all.

Yours in safety,
Greg Bayne
Managing Director

Land Forces – 1-3 June, 2021

The biennial LAND FORCES exposition is a powerful forum for key decision-makers from throughout the region, enabling government representatives, defence officials, military procurement managers and senior army officers to network with defence material manufacturers, equipment suppliers and service providers.

LAND FORCES will provide delegates, exhibitors, participants and visitors alike with a unique opportunity to meet with their peers, potential suppliers and customers. It will highlight the platforms, equipment, services and technologies that are increasingly in demand by the armies of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

At its new dates of 1-3 June 2021, LAND FORCES promises to be bigger and better than ever, serving as a powerful promotional and industry engagement forum on the way to business recovery.

Rotor Tech – 15 – 17 June, 2021

With a comprehensive three-day FREE to attend industry conference program, ROTORTECH is the region’s premier helicopter and unmanned flight systems showcase and forum, featuring more than 100 participating companies and key speakers from industry and government.

Join Australia’s helicopter and unmanned aerial flight communities including the Australian Helicopter Industry Association (AHIA), Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS) and the Aviation Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Business Association (AMROBA) at the industry’s own signature event.

Walk the exhibition floor:
*More than 100 participating companies
*Helicopter static displays
*Unmanned Aerial System demonstrations
*STEM and careers program

Avalon Airshow – 23 – 28 November 2021


The Asia Pacific region is undergoing major growth in defence and aviation, with budgets in many countries continuing to rise and an ever increasing level of sophistication in technologies, equipment, systems and operational methods.

One of the leading gateways to these important markets is AVALON 2021 – the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition staged at Avalon Airport, Geelong, Victoria.

AVALON 2021 will again present a unique opportunity to showcase products, technologies and services to an informed target audience and to demonstrate a marketing presence in this vibrant and vital region.

High levels of economic growth and technological development have resulted in growing demand for aviation and aerospace services, products and technology, right across the spectrum from General Aviation to airlines, air forces and space.

AVALON 2021 will be a valuable opportunity for decision-makers to be informed and for exhibitors to connect with their customers.

SWITLIK more than just a manufacturer!

We are proud to have a long standing association with Switlik, not only as the Switlik Technical Advisor for the Australian Government and Defence Forces, but also because we truly believe in their safety and survival products and the standards that they exceed in the manufacturing of these products.

More than just a manufacturer, Switlik have a long heritage of supporting military and government services dating back to 1920.  A little history lesson, if I may…..

Founded by Polish immigrant Stanley Switlik, Switlik Parachute Company (first incorporated in 1920 as the Canvas-Leather Specialty Company) was an early leader in the design and manufacture of parachutes for the aviation industry and the United States military services. The company received five Army-Navy “E” awards for its impressive productivity of parachutes during World War II (WWII) for our country’s “Arsenal of Democracy.”

As we know them today they are the leading worldwide manufacturer of the highest quality sewn and heat sealed inflatable safety and survival products for the aviation, marine, and military markets. With integrity, research and world leading technologies their products stand the test of time.  However, there is another side to this business, one that gives back to communities and customers alike.

Giving back to the community has been a fundamental part of their past and a legacy they continue to build. Since the early years, Switlik has donated products, land, financial resources and time to various organisations and school districts.

In 1952, chairman and owner Stanley Switlik discussed the formation of a company foundation for charitable contributions to the Board of Directors. He believed that through the medium of a foundation, more efficient benefits could result to charity. This proposal was unanimously adopted and Switlik Parachute Company, Inc. officially started a charitable trust, to be known as the Switlik Foundation.

The creation of the Switlik Foundation was far ahead of its time and its forward-looking vision has had a lasting impact on the community. Still to this day, the philanthropic arm of Switlik Survival Products, supports schools and organisations by giving back and investing in the local community where their employees and customers live and work and is fundamental to Switlik Survival Products.

Corporate responsibility is important and we are proud to be aligned with and endorse Switlik.  Their support of Red Baron ALSE has meant that we have been able to support and provide the customers we serve with the very best safety and survival products in the world, without undermining our own Corporate conscience or integrity.

To view our comprehensive range of Switlik Constant Wear Life Vests, to make an enquiry or to view the full specifications of the range.  Please click here.

Yours in safety,

Greg Bayne

View full specifications here


With demand for COVID-19 safe measures underpinning our lives at the moment, we wanted an offer for our valued clients.

Your can purchase our Nomex Touch Screen Flight Gloves for only $55, reduced from $75.00.

NOMEX Touch Screen Flight Gloves can be used anywhere the ability to access screens is required.

Our Nomex gloves are designed and tested for pilots, crew and land operators and those seeking an additional layer of protection using touch screens.Whilst primarily made for pilots and flight crews, these gloves are excellent for land operator and persons in need of an additional layer of protection when using touch screens devices including Ipad and Iphone and other smart phones / tablets.

The glove is a double stitched form-fitting NOMEX material with an all-leather palm and stitching at the cuff.  This glove offers a great fit and feel and is lightweight and comfortable for a full days use. Offering a lightweight, form-fitting design over fingers provides excellent comfort and tactility plus the elastic wrist provides a secure fit.

This glove is heat and fire resistant to 370 C and washable with mild soap and water not over 48 C.  Designed for repeated use and made to last.

Made in USA.

View full specifications here

Available only in Sage Green with Grey Leather

COVID-19 Safe Business

We are pleased to announce that we are officially registered as a COVID Safe Business.

We have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and are committed to keeping our team and you safe.